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The Purpose (why?)

The purpose of the Benchmarking Club is to provide a “one-stop shop” for benchmarking where the members of the club can introduce, exchange and receive information on continuous improvement in organizations.

What is the Benchmarking Club?
The Benchmarking Club is a collective of individuals in the academic, public and private sector who interested and involved in continuous improvement in organizations.

Benefits of belonging to the Benchmarking Club
The Club provides its members with access to:

  • Bi-monthly workshops
  • Website with access to: Documented research, tools and methodologies in business improvement.
  • National and international related and linked websites.
  • Benchmarks, measures and performance standards.
  • Book reviews, publications, business periodicals and newsletters.
  • Helpdesk and online help.
Who belongs to the Benchmarking Club?
Organization and external individuals and organizations in the academic, public and private sectors.

How does the Benchmarking Club operate?
For a graphical representation on how the Benchmarking Club operates please click here.

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