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The Purpose (Why?)
The organisation generally conducts a business improvement intervention in order to improve efficiency and organisational effectiveness.

What is business improvement?
Whereas, self-assessment indicates where an organization is and benchmarking indicates how the organization compares with others, business improvement indicates how the change that will improve the situation, will be achieved.

Business improvement is about change with the purpose of improvement to address the what (the problem) and the order of magnitude the size of the problem).

For a graphical representation of this performance improvement please click here.

What are the benefits of business improvement?
  • Business improvement improves productivity by achieving more with the same amount of resources or completing certain activities and processes within a shorter time.
  • Business improvement makes the organization more effective in terms of its core business.
  • Business improvement also reduces the amount of waste in terms of time and resources.
Who does business improvement?
All levels in an organsitation can conduct a business improvement intervention.

When to do business improvement?
A business improvement can be conducted at any time either as a once off intervention or as part of a continuous process of improvement.

How do I get started?
Cicama is available to assist in any of the following business improvement activities:
  • Planning and conducting business improvement studies.
  • Business improvement literature and references.
  • Research
  • Contact and interaction with various leading business improvement organizations.
  • Provide various business improvement strategies.


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