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The Purpose (Why?)
An organization generally conducts a self-assessment as a first intervention when it wants to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

What is self-assessment?
It is a way to achieve overall competitiveness; good governance; satisfied customers, employees, suppliers and partners; significant gains in business results and productivity.

It involves a systematic process of evaluation that describes the state of the organization and/or its business units at a specific time along key predetermined dimensions.

The South African Excellence Model provides a comprehensive framework for assessing the state of the organisation with regard to “excellence”. The model consists of 11 criteria that are used as guidelines on elements of organisation that can be used to consider what the organisation does, how well it does what is being done and how the organisation is progressing towards an organisational gold-standard – excellence. The criteria are divided into enabler criteria that give rise to, or cause certain desired outcomes; and results criteria, which are the outcome of certain enabler interventions.

What are the benefits of self-assessment?
It provides direction and focus for the organisation. It facilitates improvement and progress. It enables integration and coordination of different processes.It enables benchmarking by providing a basis for comparison with other organisations.

Who does self-assessment?
A self-assessment can be conducted by members of the organisation as a self-diagnostic exercise or with the support of an external facilitator.

When is a self-assessment conducted?
A self-assessment can be conducted at any time during the operations of the organisation.

How do I get started?
Cicama is available to assist in any of the following self assessment activities:

  •  Planning and performing self-assessment.
  •  Self-assessment literature and references.
  •  Contact and interaction with the SA Excellence Foundation.


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